Sustainability at Delen Private Bank

Our sustainability policy aims at creating a positive impact on all our relationships - clients, employees and society at large. We steer our policy on the basis of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Where do we realize the biggest leverage? And what results have we achieved so far?

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Sustainable Development Goals

Our four Sustainable Development Goals


What are Sustainable Development Goals?

The United Nations identified seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) worldwide to be achieved by 2030. They will be translated into 169 action points to protect the planet and improve prosperity. Governments and companies that subscribe to the SDGs translate these objectives into action plans.

Elio Rombouts
Delen offers wealth management solutions, today and for future generations. SDG’s help us including sustainability across the entire organization. We are fully committed to long-term value creation.
Elio Rombouts – Investment Office

Delen Private Bank underscores four SDGs in particular

Obviously, all seventeen objectives are important to us. But on four SDGs in particular, we can really make a substantial impact:

  • decent work and economic growth
  • peace, justice and strong institutions
  • responsible consumption and production
  • climate action

Delen Private Bank has a direct influence on the first two SDGs through its organisation. Think of our client-focused personal approach, our staff policy focused on cooperation and efficiency, our efforts in the field of energy-saving renovations, our strict anti-money laundering procedures. But it's on the last two SDGs that we can make the biggest difference. Here is why.

Sustainable investing for your entire portfolio, for every single client

Our core task is to protect your assets and to grow them in a balanced way. Through a cautious and vigilant investment philosophy, we - the bank and its fund manager Cadelam - do everything in our power to accomplish this mission.

On top of that, we bring sustainability into that investment process: our Responsible Asset Management. This is done in three steps:

  • We exclude non-sustainable companies
  • We enter into dialogue with companies on the road to sustainable entrepreneurship
  • We integrate non-financial parameters into the decision-making process

Unlike other players, we apply this sustainability process to the totality of each portfolio, for all clients. It involves a total of more than 26 billion euros being invested in a sustainable manner. That is a considerable lever for pushing sustainability forwards.

Sustainability in 2019

What are our key results in the area of sustainability?


Sustainability issues were top of mind in 2019, and were embraced by activists on a number of occasions. Meanwhile, Delen Private Bank stuck firmly to its pragmatic approach. Can the financial sector rescue the world? It probably can’t do it all by itself. But we can move a stone here and there. We find ourselves just at the start of a very long process.

- René Havaux (CEO)

In an business where discretion and trust are core values, regulatory compliance, cyber security and data protection are of paramount importance. That's why we invest so much in people and the latest technologies.

- Eric Lechien (CFO and member of the board responsible for sustainability)

Through its investment policy, the bank has a leverage of more than EUR 26 billion. How? The sustainable investment philosophy is applied to the entire portfolio’s of all clients. That huge amount of money is oxygen for companies that are shaping the future in a smart and sustainable way. We work with professional partners to make our investment process structurally sustainable. As a matter of fact, the bank's efforts have been noted by the UN. For the Strategy and Policy module, they gave us the highest score of all.

- Jean-Louis de Hasque (Investment Office)

Key Performance Indicator

Our most important KPI’s on sustainability

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