Delen OnLine FAQ

Where can I find my username?

You can find your username on your contract. It consists of 8 characters (example: ab123456). If you have trouble finding your username, please contact us at +352 44 50 60 224 or

Where can I find the returns of my portfolio?

Log in with your Digipass. The return and valuation of your portfolio(s) appears on the first screen.

Where can I find the composition of my portfolio?

If you have different portfolios, please select a portfolio. You will find the composition under the tab "Composition".

Where can I find the movements on my account?

Select a portfolio (if you have multiple portfolios). Go to the tab composition and click on the row "Cash". You will then receive an overview of all movements on the account.

How can I download my portfolio?

Click on the "Documents" button. Select a portfolio and click on "Portfolio Statements". Select the document you want to download. Click the "more" and "export" button at the right. A warning appears that by this action you will leave Delen OnLine. Click "ok" and choose the destination to which you want to export.

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