Responsible asset management

Responsible asset management

Sustainability is no mere buzzword at Delen Private Bank. It’s part of who we are: a committed long-term player, aware of our role in society.

Connecting people

We perform that role in two ways. Connecting people is one of them. We like to build links between our customers, our staff and various societal actors. This is reflected by our personal and distinctly customer-centric approach, the active engagement of our staff and management, and our enthusiastic sponsorship of arts and sports.

Forward-looking investments

The second way in which we achieve a social impact is by undertaking targeted investments in companies that devise smart solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

We use a combination of the following elements to do this:

  • Exclusion: extremely strict exclusion lists filter out controversial companies (such as those involved in the arms industry or responsible for large-scale pollution).
  • Integration: ESG (environmental, social and governance) parameters are integrated into the investment process.
  • Impact investing: a niche fund focuses on sustainable companies operating in areas such as environmental technology, organic food, energy storage.

Delen Private Bank endorses the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

Our independent management company, Capfi Delen Asset Management (Cadelam), ensures that investee companies uphold our sustainable values.

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